Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Great Realisation has set in.

Now that the dust has settled from our family holiday to Japan, a great realisation has set in: For our first family trip overseas, we went to a country that is non-English speaking, with no guide or any concept of what the country would be like, other than the experiences of others. We stayed in, and completely navaigated our way around the greatest metropolis in the world, a population of 36 MILLION. (And I hate crowds). 

We took our four children with us, three of which are autistic and largely unpredictable in their behaviour and requirements at the best of times, even in a home setting. Two of the three can't effectively communicate if they are ill or why they may be distressed. We dragged these kids halfway across the globe (they loved it) to a country that recently had one of earth's largest earthquakes in history, one that made the entire country drop by up to a metre, and a resulting Tsunami that wrecked countless lives and dropped a century's worth of debris on the coastline in the space of 30 minutes. 

The city of Tokyo also has another elephant in the room; a rather large active volcano called Mt Fuji, a mere 70 miles up the road. 

Yes; we are CRAZY. 

And we are going back soon. : )