Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Don't Die Wondering.

Since 1990, I've adopted the strategy of doing whatever needs to be done, coupled with the desire to answer the question "I wonder what being a Real Estate Agent/  Professional Driver/ Tyre Fitter/ Contractor/ Marketing Consultant/ Military Officer/ Small Business Advisor, etc. would be like". So I did the following:

1.lived in four states in Australia,
2.Moved about 2500 new and used cars from one place to another , (all with no petrol in them) and dealt with a total of 26,000 tyres.(purchased, fitted, disposed), 
3.Inspected over 3000 houses for sale, and sold several hundred of them in two states,
4.Helped hundreds of people start their own businesses in extraordinarily diverse fields, 
5.Spoke in heaps of weird and wonderful places about "Marketing your Business on a Shoestring", 
6.Became an Officer in the Royal Australain Air Force, met some fantastic people of all ranks who work wonderfully well as a team, lived in a hole I dug with a crow bar and slept with an automatic weapon while not showering, changing clothes or boots for a week, hosted all manner of dignitaries, flown over Sydney Harbour in a Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter with the doors open, 
7.Raised four children with my wife Elethea, 
8 Helped my wife start a clothing line for kids (her brains entirely, my brawn in helping her out with markets, etc),
9.Got into road cycling, 
10. Renovated lots of houses, marvelled at Elethea's house painting and plastering skills,and mastered the art of period home fence building, and
11. Had our youngest child late in life (which required mastering the art of Nappy/ Diaper Changing all over again at age 42. 

Life Hint: There are many times in life where you may reflect and think you havent done much. (I do it all the time!) However, after making a list of cool stuff you have done, it will quickly mount up. Seriously. 

What happens then? You will be energised, ready to set some more goals!  

Live life. Take educated, considered chances. And... Don't take yourself too seriously!